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Perfect Parchment

What sets us apart

Nothing is more frustrating when you have slaved over a recipe for hours—shopping for the perfect ingredients and measuring the exact portions—than when you pull your treat out of the oven and it remains stuck to the pan. Even if you faithfully buttered, sprayed, and greased everything, sometimes baked goods stick! This is where The Smart Baker can help. We have a variety of products that will ensure that your baked goods won’t stick to the pans.

Pre-cut Parchment Paper Sizes: The Smart Baker's Perfect Parchment Pre-Cut Parchment Paper is made for a variety of common cake pans and cookies sheets. Forget the irritating rolls of parchment paper, put down the scissors and line your pans in no time. The Smart Baker's Perfect Parchment is the right fit every time.

Baking Parchment Sheets: Sized specifically for your small, medium, large and half sheet cookie pans, you'll no longer have to worry about cutting rolled parchment to size and throwing away the waste. Line your baking sheets in one easy step and get baking in no time!

Cake Pan Parchment Liners: Our unique shape provides you with tabs that help you to easily lift your baked goods up and out of the pan. You'll no longer have to worry about flipping the pan upside down and hope you greased the bottom enough. 

Custom Parchment Paper: Looking for just the right size parchment paper for your cooking, baking or crafting needs? No problem! Send us an email with your requirements and we will provide you with your custom quote. Low minimums and quick turnaround time available!

With these simple tools from The Smart Baker, you will guarantee yourself peace of mind. Just make sure that you keep an eye on the oven!