The Smart Baker


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Best stand and amazing value!

I have had my cupcake stand for 12 years and it's still in perfect shape! I bought it for my wedding and I've used it for so many other occasions, an amazing value, great quality, and super versatile! Would definitely buy again!

Won't bake without them!

The parchment paper size (17x11) fits my cookie sheets perfectly, & I always use them. The cookies bake more evenly than without the parchment paper and are more uniform in size. Also, the parchments make clean-up fast & easy.

I have many sizes of the parchment paper to fit all my baking sheets, cake pans,13x9 pan & pie plates. I LOVE them!

Replacement Canvas Tote
AnneMarie Penkala
Nice tote

It is a replacement tote that was misplaced a few years back. I love my square and round cupcake towers. The tote makes it so easy to store and to transport for quick set up.

Amazing Struggle-Free Product

I appreciate "TheSmartBaker" coming up with quality pre-cut parchment, making it VERY convenient to use!!😉
I purchase them for myself, my daughter, and a couple of friends.

I LOVE being able to purchase pre-cut parchment paper for my round and square cake pans, as well as my various sized sheet pans... perfect fit!!
My only wish is that I could order pre-cut parchment paper for my bread pans... sigh

Cupcake stand

Very impressed with the look of the stand and how sturdy it is. Best of all was the customer service. When I had questions, they answered back right away.

Trying New Brand

So far, I like that is much lighter than previous brand that I purchased (particle board), and I shouldn't have to worry about it chipping the way particle board does. It's also easier to carry and handle. The pieces fit very snugly in the slots and need to align well. I'm hoping these friction points don't cause damage when used repeatedly. I will let you know if it does. Until now, works great.

So convenient

This is my second order of Perfect Parchment. I love the various sheet sizes and they are incredibly convenient and time-saving, especially if you bake a lot.

Absolutely love this product and company!!

Works as expected.

Perfect for Any Baker

I was going to say that these pre-cut parchment sheets are perfect for the frequent baker, but they are perfect for any baker. Parchment is essential for baking but tearing it off a roll and having to cut it to size is a pain. I ruined four silicone baking mats by accidentally having all four stacked up under a pie which was baking. Those are expensive and hard to clean. This pre-cut parchment is my new go-to and I have shared it with a friend. I look forward to trying the pre-cut parchment with handles for cake baking too.

Excellent product

Love these parchment sheets! Incredibly convenient and easy to use. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Time Saving

Put away the measuring tape or your guessing because these precut parchment papers take no time. I’ve ordered them for my daughter so it will make her cookie baking so much easier.

Awesome 9” square with tabs!

These 9” square parchment paper with tabs are the best! They are so convenient, and they work! You have been out of stock for awhile, and I patiently waited. They are here!!! Way to go!

I have tried other parchment sheets but none compare to the quality of The Smart Baker. I am always satisfied with them and this size (10 x 15) are PERFECT for my pans. Thank you

replacement parts

Arrived well packaged! grateful to be able to get the part in time for my next wedding setup.

Great tower

I've been using this tower for several years for weddings. It's great to be able to get replacement parts since clients sometimes return the tower missing some tiers. It saves buying a whole new tower.

Great product

I have a wedding cake business and have been using the large round tower for years and years. A great feature is that I can order replacement parts for it when clients do not return the tower in good condition or with missing parts.

So convenient

This is my second time purchasing precut parchment papers. These eliminate having leftover scraps from cutting wha I need from rolls.

Great idea but very thin

The paper is too thin and it gets very burnt when baking bread and the tabs just fall apart when trying to take it out

Love them!

Great savings

Perfection saves me time clean up and prep

9x13” Parchment Sheets

The quality of these parchment sheets is very good. I wish they were flat when you received them though, as the crease from being folded is difficult to work with.



Great versatile sturdy design


Been using these parchment sheets for years and they make the process so much easier. I highly recommend them.