The Smart Baker

Our Story

We at The Smart Baker take pride in inspiring others to have fun baking and discover their creative side.

Officially founded in 2009 by Daniel and Stephanie Rensing, but it was years in the making. The young couple has been spending time in the kitchen together and baking up goodies for their families since they started dating as high school sweethearts. Every time they entered the kitchen, they would search for an easier, smarter and more efficient way of doing things.

One challenge they always had was finding a recipe that yielded just the right amount. When they baked for themselves, they’d scale recipes down considerably. When they were making treats for their large families, they’d have to scale the recipes up. In the process, Daniel and Stephanie would always need to convert measurements for an easier and faster way to measure out their ingredients. One day, Daniel made Stephanie an apron with the measurement conversions printed upside down for easy reading. And thus, The Smart Baker was born.

After their first product, The Cheat Sheet Apron with upside down measurement conversions, made it big in Food Network Magazine’s Christmas 2009 issue, the couple continued to come up with smart products that make your time in the kitchen easier. They followed up their apron with a popular Measurement Conversion Towel. And since then, they’ve come up with a line of reusable, customizable Cupcake and Treat towers, Cake Pop Stands and unique Pre-Cut Parchment Paper for cake pans and cookie sheets.

Every day, the team at The Smart Baker works hard to come up with new ideas to make life in the kitchen smarter. Stay tuned for our ever-growing list of smart products!