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8 Creative Ways to Use a Cupcakes Tower Stand

Wedding Cupcake Tower Stand

Efficiency is crucial when it comes to a successful party, wedding, or event. To solve problems, you need to think outside the box... or in this case, the stand. The latest trend in multi-functional cookware comes in the form of a cupcakes tower stand.

These nifty stands offer several benefits far outside the realm of cupcake display. Read on to discover our favorite eight creative ways to use your cupcake towers!

First Things First

Before you can learn how to use a cupcake tower stand, you need to have a cupcake tower stand. Pro party planners and bakers likely have one of these handy tools in a closet somewhere.

They're insanely handy, even just for cupcakes. Display towers allow for easy transportation between your kitchen and the party. Plus, the design offers individual servings for a COVID-safe event!

But, unless you've had a reason to display cupcakes, you may not have purchased one before. That's okay! We'll show you how useful these stands are, so you'll want to add one to your personal collection right away. 

Click here to shop for the perfect cupcake tower for your event! These are completely customizable. You can reach out to one of our expert designers to create the cupcake tower of your dreams.   

Now hold on tight to your apron because we're going to jump on in! Below are the top 8 creative uses for your display stand. 

8. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Anything chocolate-dipped deserves a spot on a Top 8 list (no matter what the list is about). Chocolate-covered strawberries are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the taste buds. Show these treats off on a cupcake tower!

Bonus: this tip works with any chocolate-covered fruit, so go wild! Drizzle your orange slices, dunk your pineapple chunks, and glaze your apples. 

For high-end events, the pieces of fruit will be pre-covered. If you're catering to a smaller party, set the display tower next to a fondue fountain and have your guests dip their snacks themselves!

7. Macaroons

Speaking of aesthetically pleasing desserts, macaroons look incredible when displayed on cupcake towers. You can arrange them by color, but even in a free-for-all display, the pastel rainbow is gorgeous. 

Macaroons can be fragile and stacking them tends to crush the ones on the bottom. Avoid breakage by setting them on their side! This creates one long layer that guests can easily pick from. 

6. Themed Cupcakes

Okay, okay, okay... this article is all about creative alternative uses for cupcake towers but we can't just skip over their intended purpose. If you're wanting to utilize their COVID-friendly function for your next event, try theming the cupcakes!

Separating tiers by flavor or icing color is an easy way to take the event from simple to stunning. Play around with pastels or use creams, golds, and creams for an elegant addition. 

5. Retail Display

Let's step aside from the whole "food" mindset for a brief moment. Cupcake tower displays are amazing ways to show off small trinkets like jewelry or soaps. 

If your business has pop-up stands at farmer's markets or fairs, use a cupcake tower to spice up the way customers explore your creations. To add a little extra spice, you can use one of our favorite tier liners!

4. Sundae topping Bar

I scream you scream... and, well, you know the rest. Ice cream sundaes are an American staple and deserve their spot in the top four uses for a cupcake display. 

Fill trendy baskets or baggies with your choice of toppings. Different tiers of the display could be used for sauces, candies, nuts, or cookie crumbles. For the ultimate guide to ice cream bar toppings, click here!

3. Hot Cocoa Station

The evolution of single-serving coffee and hot chocolate matches beautifully with the function of a cupcake tower. Lower tiers could hold varieties of hot cocoa mix and upper tiers could have yummy add-ins like peppermint sticks or mini-marshmallows!

2. Smore's Station

Smore's were basically made for a cupcake tower. Use your tower to separate the Smore's into their three main ingredients. Dedicate a tier to graham crackers, chocolate squares, and marshmallows! 

These stations make a great addition to any wedding or birthday party. Smore's are adored by kids and adults alike, and they couldn't be easier to create! 

1. Charcuterie Tower

Think of the possibilities! Nowhere does it say that charcuterie boards have to be on a board, so stun your guests with a whole tower of delicious meats and cheeses. 

You can make specific tiers for meats, fruits, cheeses, nuts, or any other snack; or, mix and match flavors to create a colorful display. Check out some of the best foods to include in a charcuterie tower here, and get ready to dazzle the crowd. 

This display is perfect for the big game or a last-minute neighborhood block party. 

Many Functions of a Cupcakes Tower Stand

Dust off that cupcakes tower stand in your cupboard and pull it out for your next get-together! The possibilities are endless, from meats to macaroons and everything in between.

The beauty of baking is in the creativity, so don't limit yourself to only displaying cupcakes on your stand. 

For more tips & tricks to utilize in the kitchen, head to our website! At The Smart Baker, we would love to show you tasty recipes and informative news stories that you care about.