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Cupcake Essentials - DIY Large Cupcake Stand

Cupcake Essentials - DIY Large Cupcake Stand

Cupcakes are here to stay as an essential part of showers and receptions. Many clients are asking for cupcakes instead of or in addition to cakes.

You can't blame them because there is something impressive when you walk into a reception and see a large cupcake stand full of beautifully decorated cupcakes!

When it comes to eating a dessert, less feels like more and for many people eating a cupcake doesn't feel as bad as a piece of cake. 

Now, of course, we won't talk about how many cupcakes they may eat!  That would be rude.

With the popularity of cupcakes, there are some things you can keep in mind to make sure your cupcakes stand out.

The Taste of Course

The cupcakes you bake have to be good. Once you have settled on a few of your go-to recipes, the sky is the limit to what you can make.

The beauty of cupcakes is their flexibility. You can have your rockstar base recipes for your regular cupcake and then just change out a few ingredients to customize them.

Variety is also another positive of cupcakes. At any reception, you have people of different tastes and types. Having multiple options to choose from is better than having only one cake.

Cupcakes give you the ability to make a dozen chocolate caramels, and a dozen vanilla lattes at the same time.  

This variety gives cupcakes an edge over the traditional cake and can set you apart as a baker when you provide it.

Different styles of decorating, icing color, and the use of gels have shown up in the cupcake decorating trends.

The Large Cupcake Stand

The appealing aspect of cupcakes isn't their size as much as the size and makeup of the stand you put them on.

You want to make sure your ability to showcase your cupcakes happens with a great cupcake stand.

Here are a few reasons why large cupcake stands are important to have for your events:

Large Stands Stand Out

Large cupcake stands are a show stopper when you walk into any reception.  The beauty of the decoration can be as important as the taste of the cupcake.

When people walk into your receptions or showers and are immediately met with an incredible-looking cupcake stand, they will be in awe.  

This will set the tone of the event and make you as the baker or event planner look really good.  

Many bakers and planners have gotten new customers from people who attended an event they did because of the look of the large cupcake stand. 

This is before they have even tasted the cupcakes!

When you set up a beautiful stand, people will notice and it will set the event apart.   

Small events can even have a large cupcake stand. You don't have to load it with just cupcakes.

Flowers and other accessories can add to the color and pop of your stand. This adds to the impression without having a large number of cupcakes.

Large Stands Are Customizable

When using large cupcake stands, you don't have to have a lot of pieces. Just a few of the main pieces will give you the ability to customize and have amazing decorations.

Customization also gives you the freedom to decorate in specific ways for the event you are planning. 

Many large stands allow you to buy pieces to create your own custom cupcake tower. This keeps you from buying pieces you won't use or wasting money.

Cake stands in the past have been pretty traditional, plus they can't get too big or you wouldn't be able to cut the cake!

Cupcakes help you change that. Your large cupcake stand can not only be multilevel but it can even be separated and placed on two different sides of the room.

This flexibility adds to your ability to satisfy the people you are baking for and provide a memorable event for them.  

The ability to customize helps you add to your decorating ability and your presentation. You can allow your own creative genius to flourish with the ability to customize.

Your themes can go beyond the decorations on the cupcake and they can blend with your entire stand which will help you stand When you are going to an event and have to bring everything to set up and take down, easy will make things better.

You want decorations that are easy to move in and out of the venue you are doing the event in.

Large cupcake stands are easily set up and broken down. This will help you as you often have limited setup and take-down time.  

When the towers come apart easily and store easily, you save time and that will help you save money.  

Many of the premade tiered cupcake stands will set up and come apart easily for storage and transport. 

When you combine the ease of transport with the show-stopping ability of a large cupcake stand, they are hard to resist.

When you want to stand out to your clients and do it in an easy way, you will want to invest in the large cupcake stands.

The Cupcake Trends

Cupcakes are here to stay as a part of receptions.  Their ability to offer different flavors will be the variety many clients will want.

The looks of a well-decorated large cupcake stand will also keep people asking for cupcakes for their events. 

Your ability to not only provide a good-tasting dessert but a show-stopping experience will keep you busy and your clients happy.

Our passion is helping you make your baking easy and memorable. 

We have many items from cupcake stands, to aprons, to custom parchment paper that are designed to help the professional.

Check out our other articles that are filled with tips and tricks to help you be more successful as a professional.