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Buying Bulk Parchment Paper: The Benefits of Using Parchment Paper

Buying Bulk Parchment Paper: The Benefits of Using Parchment Paper

You've turned your love for baking into a sustainable source of income, and that's something worth celebrating! But, as a professional baker and small business owner, it's important to find ways to cut down on costs while still having effective materials.

You have to run a tight operation. Starting a small bakery business from home can cost about $19,500. Don't worry, though! You can save money on non-reusable items while actually improving the quality of your dessert.

Buying bulk parchment paper is a great way to cut down on a cost that may seem small at first but certainly adds up. It's also much more cost-efficient to buy parchment paper in bulk than it is to switch to a seemingly cheaper alternative such as wax paper. 

Curious about how to save money on parchment paper and why it's a superior tool in your kitchen? Let's look at its qualities, its uses, and the most efficient way to buy it.

Why Use Parchment Paper?

Parchment paper is an inexpensive option for a large variety of baking tasks. It's specially treated with silicone to be grease, heat, and moisture resistant as well as non-stick. The heat resistance means that you can use it to wrap foods such as fish for the oven, while its non-stick qualities make it perfect for covering counters for easy cleanups.

A little-known fact about parchment paper is that it can help neutralize hot spots on your baking sheet. So not only does it provide a non-stick surface, it helps you evenly cook your baked goods as well.

Using parchment paper also can make your baked goods look more professional. Before cutting into a cake or brownies, lift it out of the pan with the parchment paper. Now you can make more even cuts without the pan getting in the way.

While wax paper is less expensive than parchment paper, it has downsides that make it less cost-efficient in the end. The wax coating that makes wax paper non-stick is not heat resistant. If you use it in the oven, it could melt onto your food or even catch fire. 

Ultimately, if you want a paper that can do it all in the kitchen, parchment paper is your best option.

Unexpected Ways to Use Parchment Paper

There are plenty of obvious ways to use parchment paper for your baking tasks, such as lining baking dishes and covering your counter. But it has other uses to encourage safety, cleanliness, ease, and creativity in your kitchen that you may have never thought of.

Here are just a few unexpected uses for parchment paper.

Sifting Ingredients

If you need to combine dry ingredients, you can gently sift them using a flat piece of parchment paper. Once you've combined them, fold the paper into a cone to funnel them into your bowl.

Returning Excess Ingredients

Getting the correct amount of a dry ingredient out of a container can be difficult if the box wasn't built for pouring. You can always pour a larger amount onto your parchment paper, make a funnel for easy pouring and measuring, and then pour the excess back into the container.

Freezer storage

Parchment paper isn't just heat resistant; it reacts well to cold too. You can store cookie dough in the freezer by wrapping it in parchment paper. This way, you can make a bulk amount of cookie dough ahead of time and take it out of the freezer to bake as needed.

Gift Wrapping

Parchment paper is great for wrapping baked goods or other homemade gifts. It comes in bleached white or natural brown colors that are perfect for a rustic, wrapped look. Plus, you can feel confident that your gifts will be kept safe from spills.

If you wrap your baked goods in parchment paper, you don't have to worry about adding another item (wrapping paper) to your shopping list. Your single order of parchment paper becomes both a baking tool and a creative touch to your business.

Check out this article for ideas to make your parchment paper wrapping even prettier.

En Papillote

Are you not just an experienced baker but a wonderful chef as well? Double parchment paper's use in the kitchen by using it for your savory recipes as well.

The French method of wrapping food before cooking is called "en papillote." The wrap traps in heat and moisture and makes cleanup and meal prep easy.

Try this recipe for fish en papillote.

The Benefits of Bulk Parchment Paper

Now that you know why and how to use parchment paper, you're probably ready to go out and get some. But as an experienced and prolific baker, you're going to need a lot to make all of your delicious desserts. Buying in bulk is a great way to save money on large amounts of parchment paper.

You may worry that you need specific measurements for your different baking sheets and that buying a bundle of parchment paper would leave you with too much of one kind. But you can actually buy bulk parchment paper in bundles that are precut to offer a variety of sizes.

If you buy your parchment paper sheets in bulk, you'll actually end up saving at least a little over a dollar on each pack of 24 sheets. Those savings can really add up when you're regularly buying parchment paper for your small business.

Parchment Paper You Can Feel Confident In

There's no doubt that parchment paper is an essential tool in every baker's kitchen. Its durability, versatility, and cost outperform all its competitors, especially when you buy bulk parchment paper. 

If you're interested in finding the highest quality and accurately sized parchment paper in a variety of bundles, check out our stock!