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Life-changing Cookie Baking Tip

Life-changing Cookie Baking Tip

"Sometimes it’s nice to just have one or two servings of ooey-gooey, straight from the oven cookies. "

Nothing compares to a warm, freshly baked, homemade cookie; unfortunately, there isn’t always time to whip up a batch every time you want one (or two, or three).  Not to mention the fact that you don’t always need an entire batch of cookies lying around, tempting you. Sometimes it’s nice to just have one or two servings of ooey-gooey, straight from the oven cookies. 

That’s where my favorite cookie baking tip comes in. 

After I whip up a batch of cookie dough, I cookie scoop it onto a parchment-lined, freezer safe cutting board and place in the freezer. Once frozen, I put them into freezer bags labeled with baking instructions.

When you’re ready to enjoy, place the frozen dough balls on a parchment-lined baking sheet and let them sit at room temperature while you pre-heat the oven (around 10 minutes). Depending on your cookie recipe and your preference for cookie thickness, you may need to flatten the cookie dough balls slightly with the palm of your hand before baking. Since they will still be slightly frozen, be sure to adjust your baking time - it might take slightly longer than usual.

That means with zero prep and just a few minutes, I can have freshly baked Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Chip cookies for me, Bourbon Butter Pecan cookies for the husband, and healthy oatmeal carrot and apple cookies for the toddler. Everyone is happy, and it means we all get to enjoy our favorite cookie at the peak of freshness! This tip works with any cookie recipe you’ll find on this blog- what looks good to you?

Double Chocolate Chip with Fresh Mint Frozen Cookie Dough Balls
(pre-scoop your favorite cookie dough and freeze for later)

Frozen Cookie Dough for on-demand Baking
(be sure to label your bags with baking time and temps)