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Why You Need to Utilize Cupcake Towers!

Why You Need to Utilize Cupcake Towers!

A delicious little cupcake is always a favorite sight at a celebration. Kids and adults alike can't resist the urge to grab a dessert from the decorated stand or try a few of the different flavors. But what makes these sweet treats so irresistible?

Square Cupcake Towers

Besides being delicious, when they're displayed so nicely on a cupcake tower, they make for an eye catching showcase. There are also many benefits of using cupcake towers instead of setting them out on a table.

Here's why a cupcake tower should be your next purchase for the event you're planning.

Benefits of Cupcake Towers

For most professional bakers, these tower displays are an essential item to display their work. These tiered stands have many benefits over setting the desserts lined up on a table. Artfully displaying cupcakes can increase the anticipation to try them.

Our cupcake stands are great for any event because they're adjustable and high quality. Here are some other reasons why you should use a cupcake tower at your event.

Aesthetic Value

People eat with their eyes first. Not only should your cupcakes look appetizing, but the way they're displayed can enhance how great the cupcakes look. By elevating these little desserts, it makes their designs more prominent.

Whether cupcakes are the main desserts or part of a dessert table, placing them on stands is the way to go. Tiered stands create a clean and organized way to display your treats. The cupcakes will look better when displayed, and self-serving is easier.

Save Space

Whether you need to make a lot of room for many desserts or you have a small space for the display, cupcake stands can save and make space. Utilizing vertical space can make room for other decorative elements.

With tiered cake stands, you can fit between multiple dozes in one space instead of spreading them out across a table. With the extra room, you can add more desserts or enhance the overall design with flowers, signs, or plates for serving.

Part of the Decor

Cupcake stands come in a variety of styles and colors, so matching the decor of your event will be no problem. Maybe you like simple and sleek or perhaps with a few more details. There's a cupcake stand that will complement your design.

Using a simple white cupcake stand is also great if you want to put your own personal touch on your dessert decor. With our white cake stands, the possibilities are endless. Interlace fresh flowers, add borders, or drip faux crystals to make the stand your own.

Safety and Security

You've spent so much time creating beautifully designed cupcakes; it would be a tragedy for them to get knocked over on the floor. Placing cupcakes directly on a table is just waiting for them to be knocked over or for something to fall on them.

Avoid mishaps and accidents by using a cupcake tower. A sturdy cupcake tower will add some security, keeping the treats in place and lowering the risk of a toppling accident.

Setting Up a Cupcake Tower

Cupcakes are great for every event: birthday parties, weddings, and baby showers. The good news is that setting up a cupcake tower is relatively easy. You'll need some time and to work carefully. But the act of setting up a cupcake tower isn't too difficult.

You should plan to set up the display at the venue, whether that's a separate location or your home. Transporting your cupcakes already on the tower will end in icing where you don't want it to be. It's better to keep the cupcakes in a box and place them later.

Assemble your stand first—before you put on the cupcakes and before you put on any other decorations. A clear workspace is best when moving the cupcakes from the box to the stand. You don't want any icing to end up on flowers or signs; put the stand together first.

Cupcake stands usually have an easy assembly, but they are all assembled differently. It's imperative that you read the directions to make sure it's set up correctly. You don't want your display to topple because a tier wasn't screwed in all the way.

Once your cupcake tower is put together, make sure it's sturdy and then place it where you want the tower to be displayed. It doesn't have to be in the exact spot but place it on its correct table. You'll want to avoid carrying it across the room with cupcakes on it.

Now is the fun part: adding the cupcakes. Add your cupcakes starting at the top tier; this avoids smudging icing with your hands on lower tiers. If you have different flavors or designs, space them out evenly for a professional look.

You'll want to work slowly and carefully as rushing can get you a messy display or accidentally ruining the look of other cupcakes.

The Finishing Touches

Once all your cupcakes are on the tower, you can add the finishing touches. Ensure that all your cupcakes are spaced out evenly, so the display looks neat and professional.

You can finish your cupcake towers with flowers and decorations. For a wedding, display similar flowers in your bouquet around the tower or if you have room on the stand. For birthday parties and baby showers, carry over the theme.

Add signs that label the different flavors, so guests know what's available for them to choose. If there are other desserts, you can add those around the cupcake stand.

If you must rearrange or move your cupcake stand once it's already set up, do so carefully. Small and slow movements will keep the cupcakes in place. If you have to lift, do so from the bottom so the tiers won't fall apart.

And then, the best part. Take pictures of your work, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Delicious Arrangements Coming Soon

For all of your celebrations, delicious cupcakes will be a great addition to a treat table or as the main dessert. Beautifully set up cupcake towers will get your guests excited while they enjoy the rest of the party.

Setting up a stunning display of cupcakes is easy after learning the basics. Let us help you find the base to your perfect cupcake display with our stands.