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Creative Ideas for a Baby Shower Cupcake Tower

Creative Ideas for a Baby Shower Cupcake Tower

Each year about four million babies are born to families in the United States. One way people celebrate a new birth is by throwing their loved ones baby showers. 

Baby showers are a great time to "shower" the parents with gifts and well-wishes as they embark on their parenting journey. While there's an abundance of gifts, creative treats and desserts are usually a focal point of the shower. 

Sometimes it's hard to come up with baby shower cupcake tower ideas or other baby shower food ideas. In this article, you'll learn more about how to choose a cupcake tower idea and some fun ideas for you as well!

How to Choose Baby Shower Foods

When you're planning a baby shower, presentation is everything! You want the parents to feel loved and appreciated so a lot of thought and planning is needed. 

Here are some ideas for how to help choose baby shower foods and treats. 

1. Choose A Theme

Before you make any food decisions, choose a theme for the baby shower. Popular themes are woodland animals, safari animals, bees, ships or oceans, and many more. For some people, choosing a theme based on the nursery is the way to go to make things easiest. 

A theme will pave the way for more food ideas to formulate. This way, the types of food served will be thematic and incorporated into the shower. 

2. Parent's Favorites

To make it even easier, simply ask the parents-to-be what foods they love! If you can make it fit your theme, that's great, and if not that's ok, too. Nothing says you're appreciated and supported more than making meals for those you love. 

3. Finger Foods or Full Meal?

Decide if you're going to serve a full meal or finger foods? This will depend greatly on the time of the shower - lunch, brunch, or dinnertime - but will help with preparation. You could always ask the parents-to-be what they prefer as well. 

4. Gender

The parents might enjoy a theme or foods based around a specific gender. Some parents might be excited to have a boy or a girl and they'd love to showcase it. Many baby showers revolve around gender and it makes food choices fairly easy and doable. 

Baby Shower Cupcake Tower Ideas

One of the focal points of a baby shower is the food, but especially the dessert. Cupcake towers are all the rage and display a variety of cupcakes for people with different palates. They're visually pleasing and tie the entire theme together, not to mention less work and clean up. 

Cupcake towers do not have to be challenging to assemble and you have full creative license. All you need is an actual tower, baking supplies, and creative cupcakes. Here are a few cupcake tower ideas to try for your baby shower. 

1. Gender Cupcakes

If your parents are on the traditional side, choose your pinks and blues for frosting, sprinkles, and even filling. Use flavors like raspberry, strawberry, and even blueberry. Be sure that your flavored creams match the flavored cupcake well so they don't clash. 

Decorate your tower with gender-specific decors like Its-A-Girl or Its-A-Boy toppers. You can also incorporate anything related to your theme in it as well. 

2. Nursery Rhyme Cupcakes

Nursery rhymes are a staple of childhood and so are cupcakes, so this pair is perfect! Decorate your cupcakes with fondants or figures of the cow jumping over the mood or Mary with her sheep. From Humpty Dumpty to Mother Goose, these cupcakes are sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

3. Animals

Again, animals of all sorts are a common theme for baby showers and you're likely to find plenty of cupcake decor to decorate with. Animals like frogs, deer, elephants, foxes, tigers, giraffes, and so forth are all very popular and you could decorate the tower like the wild to make it even more appealing. 

4. Characters

If you have parents-to-be that are interested in characters from a book, story, or movie, try creating cupcakes around these. Favorite classic book characters might be Winnie-the-Pooh, Peter Rabbit, or Curious George. But really, any characters that the parents love would be great. 

5. Cupcakes With Cookies

Putting a cookie on top of a cupcake is an art form and makes for an amazing conversation piece. The great thing about cookies on cupcakes is that it makes two deserts. You could do baby-themed cookies like bottles, blankets, strollers, and so forth or try something theme-related. While it might seem like an extra step, they're a truly unique dessert. 

6. Sports

No matter if you're having a boy or a girl, if the parents-to-be are sports fans, try going with a sports theme! Baseball is a popular choice but any sport could work. You could incorporate their favorite team into the cupcake art to make it personal and fun. 

7. Flowers

Flowers or flower petal cupcakes are always welcome. They're beautiful and classic and they don't have to be particularly feminine. They can be any color of the rainbow or an ombre of colors and shapes that match the parent’s personality or theme of the party. 

Baby Shower Cupcakes For You

A baby shower cupcake tower is the perfect piece to your baby shower! With endless ideas and assembly, you're sure to find the perfect cupcake and tower to make it a baby shower to remember. 

Are you looking for cupcake recipes or tips and tricks to make the perfect cupcake or cupcake stand for your baby shower? We've got you covered! Visit our website today for the best tips for the perfect cupcake or a one-of-a-kind cupcake tower!