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12 Creative Uses for Your Parchment Baking Sheets

12 Creative Uses for Your Parchment Baking Sheets

You use them for baking everything from cakes to cookies, but have you ever thought about taking parchment baking sheets out of the kitchen?

A versatile tool with countless uses, parchment paper is handier than you realize. It has heat resistant qualities, which make it useful for all kinds of tasks. Even if you haven't been baking up a storm lately, you can still put that parchment paper to good use. 

However, don't get this confused with wax paper! Wax paper has a waxy layer that is not heat resistant. Parchment paper is also non-stick due to a silicone coat rather than wax, it allows heat to pass through without burning it.

If you're looking for 12 creative ways to use parchment paper that isn't for baking, check out these ideas.

1. Ironing Out Papers

The heat resistant qualities of parchment paper come in handy when you need to iron out a crumpled document or paper. Put your iron on its lowest setting and set the piece of paper on your ironing board. Place a piece of parchment paper over the top and gently iron away!

However, always test this trick on a small corner to make sure it doesn't react with the paper!

2. Craft Mat

The same qualities that make parchment paper so great for cooking and baking are the same qualities that make it an excellent craft mat! Lay out your paper and set out your hot glue gun, clay, or other craft supplies to ensure they don't stick to or ruin your tabletop.

3. Kids Place Mats

Kids are messy; there's no getting around that. But are you tired of wiping down the table after every meal or having to toss your placemats in the wash every other day? If so, using pre-cut parchment paper can save you loads of time cleaning up after little ones.

Just lay one out before their meal and toss away when they finish!

4. Sewing Pattern

The sturdiness of parchment paper makes them great for tracing sewing patterns. Just copy your sewing pattern on to the parchment paper and get to work. It's sturdy but flexible, so you can manipulate it without it ripping. 

5. Wrapping Paper

A cheap and favorable alternative to wrapping paper, you can use parchment paper to wrap up food, baked goods, even small gifts! It's one of those convenient baking tools you can utilize almost anywhere.

As a minimalist solution to your wrapping needs, it also looks sleek and rustic.

6. Food Storage

While we know you're using it to line your baking sheets and pans, have you considered it for storing your food? Not only can you wrap food as we mention above, but you can also cut little sheets to put in between frozen foods, so they don't stick together. This same trick works for transporting baked goods as well!

7. Crafts

Not only can you use parchment paper as a craft mat, but also as a way to make your crafts! One popular craft you can create with only a couple of items is DIY window clings. With just some puffy paint and parchment paper, you and your kids can make their own decorative window adornments.

8. Piping Bag

Technically this is still baking, but if you need a new baking hack, here's a good one. Those pesky little piping tips and bags often get lost or can be a pain to clean. To rid yourself of the hassle, use parchment paper to create a piping bag cone!

It's pliable, so you can squeeze and manipulate it without the paper ripping, making it great for decorating with frosting.

9. Treat Bags

Forget to grab treat bags for your party favors or goodie bags? No worries, you can make easy treat bags by taking a pre-cut sheet of parchment paper and folding the sides, then stapling, sewing, or taping the bottom to create DIY treat bags for any occasion.

10. Serving Cones

Don't feel like dirtying up a plate? Want to create a cute way to serve up a snack or appetizers? Use parchment paper! Roll it into a cone to serve up anything from chips to french fries! Double up on the paper if you expect your snacks to be messy.

This is an inexpensive and quick way to create individual servings at a get-together or for an after school snack!

11. Luminary

A parchment paper luminary can create a whimsical look for any candle. Cut the paper down to the height you want and make sure it fits around the outside of your candle. Tape it closed from the inside and slip it over the top of your candle before you light it. 

12. Air Frying

Poke some holes in a sheet of parchment and put it inside your air fryer to keep it clean! The more holes you make, the more circulation you'll get, which helps the air fryer cook your food, so be sure to punch plenty of them! 

How Will You Use Your Parchment Baking Sheets?

If you already knew all the baking tips you can use with parchment paper, you now have 12 more that you can use outside the kitchen. Before you know it, you'll have parchment baking sheets in the laundry room, dining room, and kitchen! 

If these weren't reason enough, you can rest assured we have plenty of other tips and tricks to check out on our blog! We cover all things baking, from recipes to stories, so you'll always find something to help you out in the kitchen!